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Last Updated: January 18th 2018


For details about eligibility to attend Graduation (i.e. Final Year Resits or Masters), click here.


To complete Graduation Confirmation, you should go to the task on the mynewman home page (available at the end of August).  This will lead you through all the steps required, including confirming your name and current address, regardless of whether you wish to attend, graduate in absentia or defer your graduation.

If you do not have access to mynewman, you will be sent a link to allow you to log-in.


Confirming your attendance means coming to the Graduation ceremony, where you will cross the stage and receive your award certificate.  You will be required to wear academic dress, if you attend Graduation.  You can purchase guest tickets for family and friends.

If you are unable to attend the ceremony after you have confirmed your attendance, you must inform the Graduation team as soon as possible.

Graduating in Absentia

Confirming that you wish to graduate in absentia means that you will not attend the Graduation ceremony.  Your award certificate will be sent by Recorded Delivery after the date of the ceremonies.

Once you have confirmed that you are graduating in absentia, you will be removed from further Graduation correspondence.  If you have not received your award certificate by 24 November 2017, please contact the Graduation team.

Deferring Graduation

By confirming your intention to defer your Graduation to next year’s ceremonies, you acknowledge that the production of your award certificate will be delayed until then.  This means that the date on your award certificate will not be the date of the Board at which it was agreed, or this year’s Graduation, but will be the date of next year’s Graduation (Tuesday 23 October 2018).

After confirming your intention, you must send a formal request in writing, outlining the reasons for your deferral.  Requests will be considered by the Graduation Manager and a formal confirmation will be sent to those that are agreed, after which you will receive no further Graduation correspondence for the current year.  Requests for deferrals received after the deadline will not be considered.

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