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Last Updated: March 5th 2018

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Newman provides a number of part-time Honours degrees to enable students to combine university study with work or family commitments. Part-time students have many motivations for undertaking their higher education including enhancing skills currently used in their work, or as the first step towards changing to a more rewarding and fulfilling career. Newman’s part-time foundation degrees and postgraduate courses are vocationally relevant and it is possible for students who can be flexible regarding their hours of work to combine study and work by completing these courses on a module by module basis.

These courses are in addition to the part-time undergraduate courses on our single and combined Honours programme. Studied over 4.5 years instead of 3, these part-time courses will provide you with the flexibility to combine paid employment with study. You will continue to study alongside full-time students and benefit from the same academic expertise. This focus on developing highly skilled graduates is why Newman consistently has one of the best employment rates of graduates of all UK universities.

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